IP Video Transcoding Live! v5.11 64 channels

IP Video Transcoding Live! v5.11 64 channels

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IP Video Transcoding Live! (Abbreviation IPVTL) is professional multi-channel live transcoding software, designed for live media streaming over the internet, cable and satellite TV digital video broadcasting, video surveillance and event webcasting.

IPVTL provides high density transcoding capability with lowest latency. Running on high performanced Intel Xeon processors with NVIDIA Quadro / Tesla video card acceleration, IPVTL transcodes up to 64 channels HD in H.264 on 1 single server.

IPVTL has full support of both ancient and modern media encoding formats, such as G.7xx, MP2/3, AMR, AAC, AC3, H.263(+), H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, also HTML5 video formats VP8/VP9included.

IPVTL accepts all kinds of media input feeds, from video clips and TV capture/tuner cards, to network streams inHTTP, MMS, RTSP, RTMP (flash video), RTP and MPEG-TS (DVB-S) formats. It works elegantly with most common streaming servers and CDNs including Youtube, Facebook media, Windows Media Service, RealNetworks® Helix Server, Adobe® Media Server, Wowza Streaming Engine, Nginx and other popular DVB-S devices in the market like Dreambox® and BlackMagic Decklink cards.


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