vartikal hospital manager  4.6

vartikal hospital manager 4.6

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Main Features and Capabilities

Patients Management

Manage and organize all your Inpatients and Outpatients.

Medical Records

Document everything: consultations, vitals, lab results, imaging, ..

Medical Forms

Employ form template in all departments for quick data entry.

Medical Scheduling

Track patient appointments, medic waiting lists and inpatient schedules.

Medical Workflows

Streamline activity and enforce accountability with Treatment Plans.

Medical Billing and Claims

Generate your invoices by extracting them from the medical records.

Wards Management

Schedule and organize the inpatients in rooms and wards.

Laboratory (LIS)

Keep track of test requests and test results with the Laboratory (LIS) module.


In a same manner as in the Laboratory, track of test requests and test results.

Nurses Module

Vital signs, nursing assessments and notes, dispensable materials can be recorded by the nurses.


The pharmacy module supports multiple wokflows, from dispensing prepaid drugs to point of sale.

Inventory Management

Manage the stock of drugs and dispensable materials, all integrated with the medical records.

Internal Messaging

Enable communication between the staff with simple messages with attached records.

Heath Messaging (HL7)

Capture data from devices and automatically convert it into readable medical records.

Reporting and Statistics

Generate medical reports, financial reports and statistics.

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