Detect-Email V2018 Crack

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Unlimited targeted mailing lists !

Detect-Email V2018

Detect-Email is a powerful email search engine.

Choose your key words and the software can do a research with 

your requirements: it will find thousands of emails. 

Detect-Email also offers completed emailing tool for successful

e-marketing campaign with yours Emails lists. 

Email Grabber

Detect-Email in action!

Email spider

 Emailing campaigns will become easy

You can choose your email lists with Detect-Email or find other ones.

email marketing software. Compose your message (advertising,

newsletter, communication…) and send it with Detect-Email: it

takes just three clicks ! Add “links followed” in your email to

analyze the impact of your communication.

 Measure the power of your campaigns

Who opened your email ? At what moment ? Get the statistics emails

openings on your sites ! Managing unsubscriptions (black lists) is

automatic. Your recipients may delete your emailing lists with a

single click.


 Extract emails on directories or on your computer

Browse the internet and automatically capture emails with the

option “Clic & Go”. Detect-Email also allows capturing emails

from your own file (hard drives, Excel, CSV or other software).

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