eMax Version 3.9K

eMax Version 3.9K

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the most advanced tuning tool for STEPS8000

Features of eMax 3.9K (up to motor firmware version 4.3.2 – for later firmware versions the tuning possibilities are limited, please refer to eMax documentation):– motor support without speed limitation (the maximum set value in the eMax software is currently limited to 60kmh).
– individual full support of all 3 modes (Eco, Trail & Boost).
– display of real speed value on bike display.
– display of real total distance recorder value on bike display
– display of real day trip distance value on bike display
– possibility to adjust the circumference to the real value for speed accuracy.
– possibility to change the gear configuration to real setting after mechanical modifications (mechanical vs. electronical [Di2]).
– possibility to change the transfer ratio to real setting after mechanical modifications.
– bilingual user interface (English/German).
– bike could be modified back to delivery status in next to no time.
– bike could be modified as often as wanted.
– could be used on bikes with mechanical and electronical [Di2] gear switching on rear derailleur.
– compatible with all previous STEPS8000 firmware versions. For using the full eMax 3.x feature set, a motor firmware of at least 4.2.7 is necessary.
– no mechanical changes on bike necessary.

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