It has the following advantages.

Produces more and better systems that competitive products with better out of sample results. Speed is roughly 10 x comparable products. Priced to be affordable for retail traders. $1500 The architecture & design of systems is unique. The systems are produced by someone who is primarily a trader, not a software developer. Why this is good to know, is Traders often have a better idea of what works than software developers. Multiple data streams can be used for indicators. For example you can use cash indices for price data to trade the futures in your indicators. No need to import indicator data from other data streams via csv etc. Systems can be walk forward testing and system generation can be sent to the cloud & or your own computer(s). The ability to look for specific type of system, or genetically further improve a current one. The ability to discard a certain type of system. You may not want systems very similar to what you already have. Free trial users will also get GSBsystem1ES/NQ. Click in picture below to download walk forward report. These free systems now have > 1 year extremely good out of sample results. Purchasers will also get GSBsystem2ES, GSBsystem6ES, natural gas & crude oil systems. No coding skill is needed. Tradestation & multicharts are supported, with other platforms planed in 2019. ( MT5, Ninja trader & AmiBroker output.) There are 36 built in indicators, with support for unlimited custom indicators. Even TS/MC locked code can be used.]]>

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