stock pairs trading software program that will help you pick pairs faster and easier. We were looking at each individual pair by hand and found ourselves going through 10’s of thousands of combinations. After putting in countless hours of time we started looking around for a stock pairs program that would help us pick pairs. We found many very sophisticated programs that would use correlation and co-integration to pick pairs. They were good programs but didn’t have quite what we needed. We needed something that would filter using the normal mathematical calculations and also have the ability to visually see how the pair looks.

Pair Picking Software

The Pair Matcher is a pairs picking program that will assist you in picking highly correlated and co-integrated pairs. With this pairs stock trading software you are able to enter an industry or even a whole sector to analyze. It will download the dividend adjusted data and then compare each symbol in your list to every other symbol and output the results to an easy to see window. We have incorporated a chart window where you can see any pair on four time frames. This allows you to see at a glance if that pair matches up well or if it just continues to spread. We continue to improve this pairs program and add new features. Features that will allow you to select multiple sectors or industries and have it pick the pairs based on your filter criteria automatically. We have recently added correlation to the results window. We use the Pearson correlation coefficient for our calculation. It is currently in the beta version on our downloads page.

Pairs Trading

The pairs trading software program comes with a 1 month free subscription when you subscribe to the monthly subscription and is offered at a discount if you subscribe to the yearly subscription, please visit the purchase page to subscribe. After subscribing you will receive a software key. When you have received the key please download the program and used the key to activate it. Where can I find a pair trading program to find pairs? There are a few pairs trading software applications that are designed to help decide which pairs might good to trade. The Pair Matcher is one of those, its a pair trading software tool that if used well can help you master the pairs trading market.]]>

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