Snowden Supervisor v8.9 Crack

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Supervisor is an invaluable tool for resource estimation professionals because it helps to solve practical geological issues in the shortest possible time.

If you use biased data or invalid domains in your resource estimation process, you will get an unreliable result. This will have dramatic implications downstream in the mining value chain. Billions of dollars get invested based on resource estimates, so it is critical that they are as accurate as possible.

Supervisor has a range of advanced features that leverage decades of research and experience in geological data analysis and geostatistics. It’s intuitive and easy to use because we’ve built it around how geologists need to work.

This is why Supervisor is recognised as an industry leader in geological data analysis.

  • Simple intuitive interface and workflow
  • Powerful graphing and visualisation
  • Compatibility with all major mine planning software packages
  • Ability to cut and paste all graphs and results directly into documents/reports
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