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ROBOTILL Point of Sale  Keygen+license

Point of Sale Software that is Professional, Powerful, Easy to Use – at a fraction of the cost.

ROBOTILL Feautures
List of POS features
Turn any Windows computer into a till.
Supports POS Hardware including Touch Screens, Barcode Scanners, Electronic Cash Drawer (RJ11, RS232 and most USB Drawers), Customer Pole Displays, POS Till Printers, Card Reader (for Cashier, Supervisor and Cusomter), Link to Card Readers to process Card Payments (see list below)
Can also work very well without any POS Hardware using just a standard computer and a standard printer.
Dashboard in management system gives an overall live view of current sales and cash in each drawer.
Cashiers are not restricted to specific tills and shift changes can be done in seconds without affecting customers at the till.
Customize all printed forms (Till Slips, Quotes, Refund Slips, Account Payment Slips, Order Slips, Laybye Slips) easily and quickly with our powerful and flexible design tool.


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