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Dynamics RMS is a POS system for a retailer who knows the importance of quality information and solid control over their business. A small retailer will benefit immensely from RMS, and a larger retailer can’t live without it.

Microsoft Dynamics RMS 2018 Lifetime


  • Full-featured POS
  • Powerful inventory management
  • Multi-store
  • Extendability
  • Customizeable reporting


For small and medium-size independent retailers, Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System is an easy-to-use, affordable way to automate your single or multiple store business.


This powerful retail management software package runs on personal computers and helps you manage a wide range of store operations and customer marketing tasks, including:

  • Point of sale ( POS ) operations
  • Inventory management, control and tracking
  • Pricing, sales, and promotions
  • Customer management and marketing
  • Employee management
  • Customized reports
  • Information security
  • Accounting integration/Web integration


Designed to help small retailers, Microsoft Business Solutions Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System Store Operations helps you compete more efficiently and for greater profitability.

Manage Inventory Efficiently—In Any Store or Small Chain Store

Operations can handle stock, inventory, and sales methods—including your services, layaways, subscriptions, work orders, and back orders. Its point-of-sale (POS) screens deliver faster, smoother sales. It can help you with:

  • Hard goods, soft goods and convenience items.
  • Matrix and lot matrix.
  • Serialized items and multiple serial numbers.
  • Assembly’s, kits and items you produce.
  • Weighed, measured, and by bin.
  • Gift certificates and vouchers.
  • An unlimited number of inventory items and transactions.
  • Power, speed, and flexibility at the point of sale
  • Serving others while keeping a stalled transaction “on hold.”
  • Selling and tracking any product, service or warranty.
  • Processing payments, layaways and work orders.
  • Accepting multiple tenders, credit cards, coupons, gift vouchers, foreign currencies, and government stamps.
  • Selling even when your network is down.
  • Putting items on back order for future deliveries from the POS.

Retail Management – Save Time and Money

Every function is easy to learn and accommodates your changing needs.

  • Retail Management System Store Operations installs and sets up easily.
  • Teach POS functions to employees in minutes.
  • Lock out—or empower—any employee’s access to sensitive data.
  • Automate inventory management.
  • Reduce shrinkage and slow moving items.
  • Finish long tasks in minutes.
  • Use wizards to bulk-update prices and inventory data.
  • Know which associates sell best.
  • Predict what days and hours to staff up—or cut back.
  • Learn quickly when to reorder.

Retail Management – Use Customizable Management Tools

Retail Management System Store Operations incorporates all-new tools to manage every aspect of your store with ease and control.

  • Easily configure POS screens to display exactly the information your clerks need.
  • Customize receipts and price labels, for example, with graphics and logos.
  • Exploit many flexible pricing structures for markups and discounts.
  • Choose from several ways to set up new sales and promotions—fast.
  • Streamline buying with ordering levels, best-price suppliers, and automatic POS.
  • Make Store Operations’ wizards do your work. It takes just minutes to input new items, manage inventory, and perform everyday chores.

Retail Management – Get Quick, Comprehensive, Flexible Retail Management Reports

Make smarter decisions using accurate and timely data.

  • Know exactly what sold best in every department, category, and season.
  • Decide what to buy or mark down.
  • Track return on investment from your ads, mailings, promotions, sales, and discounts.
  • Preview, print, or export data in multiple formats
  • Filter, hide, sort and group data as you like it.
  • Add logos and graphics for formal reports.
  • Drill down to modify the database directly from reports.

Retail Management – Expand Economically

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System Store Operations conforms to the way you sell and work. It gives you the kind of information tools retail blockbusters use — customer purchase histories, electronic receipts, personalized marketing, and more. It also makes business-to-business, e-commerce, and CRM ERP connectivity easier with the help of our experts.


Designed to help small retailers, Microsoft Business Solutions Retail Management System Headquarters helps you compete more efficiently and for greater profitability.

Retail Management – Inventory Control and Tracking

Microsoft Retail Management System Headquarters controls and tracks inventory at each store and for your enterprise. With it, you’ll have the ability to:

  • Track detailed information on quantity in stock, reorder points, and restock levels for each item at each store.
  • Invoke automatic inventory replenishment at the home office, and for any set of stores.
  • Set up a master inventory database and download it to any group of stores. Information on item types, departments, categories, suppliers, substitutes, aliases, parent
  • relationships, and more can be replicated to stores for consistent stock identification.
  • Program sales tax individually by store per local regulations.
  • Promote inventory balancing by managing stock transfers among stores. An inventory transfer log tracks stock movement.
  • Designate selected stores as warehouses where inventory can be received and redistributed.
  • Perform inter-store quantity checks so you can determine the inventory levels at all stores. Whenever stores upload their information, the quantities in Headquarters
  • automatically change.

Retail Management – Sales Tracking

Headquarters maintains highly detailed data from every transaction across the chain. These include:

  • Keeping detailed information on invoice number, IDs of items sold, as-sold prices, tax collected, customer, cashier and sales rep IDs, and applicable serial number or matrix type.
  • Maintaining detailed sales and profit analyses, sales commission, and tax reports are easily generated.
  • Compiling comprehensive data collection, which supports data warehousing and OLAP. Customer Management and Marketing Headquarters can keep a complete profile of
  • every customer who ever bought from any of your stores or Web sites.
  • Track demographics, preferences, purchase or problem history, account balance, and credit information.
  • Chain-wide buying habits, shopping frequency, and purchase amounts are readily available at the head office.
  • Headquarters’ customer data supports thorough and accurate database marketing and relationship selling to targeted customers. This data can be exported to sophisticated CRM and ERP applications.


Microsoft Dynamics RMS can be used by most general or specialty retailers with one to 100 store locations. It is also used by larger retailers that own 100 or more stores operating under a decentralized business model. Types of retailers using the system include:

  • Convenience food stores
  • Nursery, garden centers
  • Furniture
  • Auto parts
  • Drug stores, pharmacies
  • Coffee Shops and Cafe
  • Clothing, apparel, accessories
  • Wine, beer, liquor
  • Gift, novelty, souvenir
  • Sporting goods
  • Radio, TV, electronics, appliances
  • Pet food stores
  • Hobby, toys, games

Retail Management – Allow More Cash-In Per Customer

Make in-store traffic, catalog sales, phone orders, and Web traffic feed each other. Store Operations helps you maximize cash-in from every “touch” and transaction.

  • Know customers’ buying histories.
  • Easily market what they want.
  • Remind customers who forget items they normally purchase.
  • Handle layaways, vouchers, back orders, and quotes.
  • Give employees a reminder on the POS screen to mention upsells.
  • Use multimedia NetDisplay to promote impulse items at the POS.
  • Sell goods and services from partner businesses and third-party Web sites.
  • Customize receipts with promotions for new products and specials.


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