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Portfolio Analyst Pro has Auto portfolio selection. This will chose the portfolio that gives the highest net profit / draw down.

Pro version also has Monte Carlo analysis & very basic money management. There is also a new field call criteria. You can for example limit your portfolio to say 5 energy systems, 3 crude oil systems, 2 long only systems. PA pro will choose the best ones according to your criteria.

All other features are shared with the basic version of Portfolio Analyst

PA also has correlation of bad days, weeks, months & contribution of all systems to total max draw down. Portfolio Intra day draw down also shown.

PA exports pdf & mht file & trade list in csv & excel format. There are two formats. Tradestation format, and simplified format.

Input is standard Tradestation/Multicharts XML format, or with a Strategy inserted on your chart.

Monte carlo simulation now added. Profit, long and short per day of week, month and week of year now added.

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