Restaurant POS Management System

The agnitech restaurant ordering software is a fully featured POS system that includes the majority of the core point of sale features required to run a restaurant business efficiently. This restaurant order capture software works for all kinds of restaurant operations, including diners, bars, takeout and delivery, and even caterers. The easy-to-use order capture module allows entry of any type of order with minimum steps. You can enter an delivery, a dine-in, a takeout, a bar, and a catering order without a problem. The order capture screen allows orders to be entered using a touch screen, a mouse, a keyboard, or a combination of all these input methods. Menus can be created and maintained using categories and category items. This allows the menu to be presented on the order capture screen in terms of categories, where the person entering the order can drill down to the items he/she wants to add to the order from the category. An item can also be looked up by its assigned sku, or from an item lookup list. You can add discounts to an order or an item, apply surcharges for whatever reason, lookup an item price, adjust an item quantity on the order, track the status of an order from a kitchen monitor screen, and finally, settle the order by entering one or more forms of payments to close the order. In addition, this point of sale restaurant software tracks your customer history, your employees vacations, days-off, schedules, and more.

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