DV Play 7.45.2

DV Play 7 is a modern playout / tv automation solution designed to be  used in TV Channels. It was developed since 2001 based on customer’s requirements & feedback and we are proud to present to you our complete and tested playout software.

•  True 24/7 reliability – the playout is especially designed to avoid crash and to issue email warning when critical events arise.
•  Silence detection & email notifications proved as very useful.
• Multiple file formats – supports .avi, mp2, mp4, mov, mxf, wmv,
mkv, vp8, vp9, vob in different resolutions & frame rates in one playlist.
• HD & SD simultaneous outputs with different logos – the playout supports multiple outputs formats (SDI/ HDMI/ IP/ NDI) on multiple resolutions (4K / HD / SD) that could be with different logos.
• Live / IP / NDI input – supports DeckLinks, Aja, Deltacast & IP inputs /UDP, HTTP, RTMP/ & NDI. The IP streams are played like an ordinary video and support auto IP reconnect feature.
• Multichannel – all needed functionality for up to 4 channels could be fit in one 2U/4U case.
• Scheduling options – the powerful schedule options allow running the TV Channel without a human operator.
• Media Asset Management – Simple yet extremely useful powerful media asset management.
• Monitoring system – The TV Logger module captures the broadcasted TV signal and saves it to video files, using the hardware of the playout server and requiring just an extra HDD.
• Redundancy 1:1 and N:M are supported.

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