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MSS5254 Binary Modificaton_Tool_V1.6.6(Cracked)

The E60/E61 M5 & E63/E64 M6 (MSS65) Binary Modification Tool allows modification of files read from the vehicles ECU (MSS65).

The tool allows modification of the following options:

– Stage 1 & Stage 2 performance tune from 22RPD
– VMax limit removal
– Cold start delete
– SAP removal (DTC Suppression for removed hardware)
– Primary cat removal DTC suppression
– Valet Mode with 3000 RPM limiter
– Rev limit per gear recalibration
– P500S power mode in P400
– AlphaN enablement
– Overrun burble / pops
– Transmission Swap
– Rev limit based on engine temp recalibration
– Rev limit per gear adjustment
– Comfort / Normal / Sport Throttle adjustments

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